Training Services

With over thirty years of motivational training experience we offer:
Keynote Presentations.
• One-on-One Executive Coaching for School Administration and School Districts and Business Executives.
• Coaching for business, organizations and athletics.

• Transitional planing and development workshops.
• Development of training workshops that are applicable for a variety of organizations.

Training modules that are educational, as well as entertaining and motivational including:
Appe-Type Theory Base
• Myers-Briggs Practitioner
• Conflict Management Assessments
• Archetype Assessments
How to Motivate Your Employees
Developing a Climate for Success
When Does a Leader Become a Leader?
Learning the positive aspects of Diversity
The Tug of War in Teamwork
Problem Solving – Why It Is So Tough?
 Developing a consistent and defendable Decision Making Model
How to Handle and Implement Change
Working with Team Members whose Attitude Affects Team Altitude
Standing Tall in a Slouching World (Character to Commitment)
Good Team Members Come in Many Colors – a Workshop in Tolerance
Hire to Higher (How to “Hire” the best and get the best to work “Higher”)
Thinking Outside the Box – Innovation or Efficiency?
Confidence based upon character – not performance
Standing Tall in a Slouching World (Character to Commitment)
Habit Building – The framework for practice and success
War fighting … developing a fighting dog mentality
Motivation … The key to championships
Personalities and team relationships
Leadership – Giving the training with the captain band
Mistake Management – How to manage mistakes during a contest
Sportsmanship – The fumble in the American game
Mental Conditioning – How to stay focused under pressure
Coaching Beyond the “x” and “o”
Team Discipline vs. Team Morale