imagesDavid is available to keynote your conference, retreat, or event in a manner that will leave your audience inspired and wanting more.   With over thirty years of stage experience, David looks forward to discussing with you how his keynote can enhance your program.   Since a keynote address is intended to either launch your program (tying your theme to all the events) or send your attendees away excited and inspired about they just learned, David looks forward to crafting his message around YOUR theme and needs.   The keynote address, as an opening talk, is the “leading idea” that your attendees hear first.  It should make them hungry for the rest of your program.   If the keynote is the last talk they hear, it is the hammer that drives everything else home.   David has worked hard to make sure he leaves his audiences both hungry and full at the same time.   Using humor to challenge and motivate, he will make sure your keynote is KEYNOTE.

Here are some of the most recent keynote talks David has delivered:

  • Strategic Abandonment – What do we do when we have so much on our plate we can’t eat it all?  If we do eat it all, … well, that’s just not healthy and if we tip our plate over, we call that a midlife crisis!  How do we “strategically abandon” all the items others put on our imagesplates and find healthy ways to live and work?   In this address, David will debunk five methods of strategic abandonment and introduce a method that was produced and forged from personal experience. His approach to clearing the plate will practically equip  you to focus on what you originally put on your plate, your passion. David will show you how to unplug from what drains your life of energy and how to plug into what brings excitement to your life!
  • The Archetypes of Change – David’s book, Just Middle Manager, focuses on twelve archetypes that leaders need to incorporate into their leadership style, four being the very modes and motivations we must work through to be innovative and change the status quo.  In this keynote address, David entertains and illustrates practically how these four archetypes grab us.  Each need a voice to ensure that our organization will not just envision, but evolve.


  • Chasing the CHEETAHS – What does a great team look like?  How do you know when you get there, or, when you get there and you feel it, do you know youv’e found it?   Chasing the C-H-E-E-T-A-H-S will walk you through  eight aspects every great team finds and practices and, for a brief moment, touches.  Like chasing down a cheetah, touching the tail only to see it eludeCheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) you once again, so, too, is chasing the ultimate team atmosphere and culture.  You know the feeling when you touch it: You want to chase it more.   This keynote will challenge your group to aspire for something more than meetings and projects and outcomes.  You will actually discover the process to chase the CHEETAHS on a repeated basis.


  • photoChanging the Mind … Set  – Why do we think we can change the minds of others when we can’t change our own?   Do we really think we can change someone’s mind?   In this keynote, David challenges everyone to consider how the mindset is formed and how to change your own and others. As you move forward in your leadership and follower-ship of life, what has formed your own personal mindset and how does it affect how you lead and follow others?   This keynote will not only give you personal insight, it will also challenge your interpretation of some key areas of  your life.
  • The Archetypes and Leadership – What is your leadership style?  Do you know what motivates you to do what you do in leadership?  Do you know the catalyst for your leadership style?   Using archetypal language to describe how we lead and how we follow, David will use twelve archetypes depict and identify your leadership style.   This talk will unfold how you interact with others in regard to leadership, conflict, change, problem solving and many more day-to-day dynamics.  Based upon David’s book, Just Middle Manager you will travel to the Celestial of Influence and change your name to Next Great Leader.  What archetype could you use to make yourself, Next Great Leader?