November, 2017

Hulings and Associates, LLC is proud to welcome Leander Rabe (pronounced Robbie).  We are excited about what Leander brings to our executive coaching services.   As you can see from Leander’s bio, below, he not only has the skills sets you expect from Hulings and Associates, LLC, but he also possesses the passion we bring to every project.

In Leander’s word:

“Developing others has been a way of life for me. Whether coaching CEOs or a first-grade soccer player in youth soccer leagues, I am jazzed by seeing people reach their potential. I guess that’s why I have been engaged with coaching leaders and team building for the past 20 years.

“That also holds true for organizations. I have been blessed to serve and support the organizational development of everything from creating Fortune 300 leadership development pipelines, to supporting the many different pieces of non-profit startups, and many projects in between.

“As a father of three, I covet any time spent with my kids. My oldest son Luke graduated this past summer, just began his dream job, and is shopping for a house. My middle daughter Ally continues to run X/C and track at the university level. She is engaged, and will be getting married next summer. My youngest, Anna, is a junior in HS and balances sports, the arts, and advanced academics.

“When I am not hanging with my kiddos, you could find me training on a long run for my next half marathon, or I might be off-road somewhere in my Jeep. I am a huge fan of the outdoors, Notre Dame football, and community development. I have enjoyed the privilege of serving in a variety of development initiatives, locally and globally. Those have taken shape in the forms of education development, mentoring at-risk kids, block building, and clean water awareness and development,

“My education at the undergrad and graduate level from Cornerstone University has propelled me in my passion to serve and develop others to their greatest capacity. My doctoral studies in Organizational Leadership at Indiana Wesleyan University were a great boost in my understanding of leadership. I have been a leadership junkie for many years, so that venture was a big fix for this addict. That quest for honing leadership knowledge and skills continues to this day.

“If you wish to chat about leadership, parenting/kids, org development, running, Notre Dame football, or all things Jeep don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I look forward to the conversation.”

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