Coaching Staff

Hulings and Associates, L.L.C. was established to provide executive leadership coaching to both industry and non-profit organizations.   The word coach comes from a 16th century Hungarian word, kocsi. The word meant carriage, and was named after the town where the carriage was first made.  The purpose of the carriage was to take one from point “A” to point “B.”   In the late 1800s, the very wealthy would instruct their coachmen to coach their children to school and then, after school, coach them to their after-school sporting events.  While standing on the sidelines to observe the young lads play their sport, the coachmen would shout instructions and encouragement,  hence the word coach became what we know about it today: Someone who assists others to get where they want to go.

Hulings and Associates, L.L.C. offers the following coaches for leadership development and cultural growth.  We are committed to assisting you to get from YOUR point “A” to YOUR point “B.”  We provide numerous tools to assist you on your leadership journey towards your final destination.