Biggest challenge for K-12 Schools today?

By March 11, 2012 April 5th, 2012 No Comments

K-12 schools have a lot of challengs and it would be impossible to list them in one blog.  But, rising to the top of all the challenges they face is the struggle they are experiencing with four archetypes (they plots and subplots of our lives … think “Superman” and “Clark Kent” … which one is he?).  K-12 schools, like all historical institutions are “Lover” (type of archetype that “holds on” to things)  organizations.  In a time when being a “Seeker” (type of archetype that “searches” for new things) would be more advantageous, the “Lover” holds on to so much of the past, the “Seeker” can’t go on a great search for the new.  In order to become a great “Seeker” orgainizations have to call upon the “Destroyer” (type of archetype that knows when to “let go” of things).   But, the “Destoryer” seems so harsh to the “Lover.”   And, if the “Destroyer” only destroys it can be harsh.   So, the “Destroyer” needs the partnership with the “Creator” (type of archetype that creates someting new to replace what you have just destroyed).    Think about this: If the Lover can hold onto what we value from the past and allow the Seeker to find new “methods” and “process” to deliver what we value, then the Destroyer can do its work of letting go of the old methods and allow the Creator to develop the ideas the Seeker brings out.   If these four archetypes aren’t allowed to function or aren’t rewarded in an organization the organization is will surely die.  Don’t know alot about archetypes?  You don’t know what you are missing.  Read Just Middle Manager – Next Great Leader for some added insights.