Appe-Type Theory

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The philosophy behind all of Hulings and Associates’ training is referred to as “Appe-Type” theory.    Appe-Type theory defined is quite simple … Everyone has a “appetite” for life or “type” of way they want to live their life.   That Appe-Type is not only powerful in their life it is their inward drive and motivation.   This Appe-Type world they have created for themselves has been developed over years with countless affirmations and behavioral conditioning.   When a person is allowed to live the majority of their day in this unique Appe-Type world they have both energy and vision to reach higher levels of performance.   The key to leadership is discovering not only their unique Appe-Type but yours, as the leader.    Knowing how to identify, utilize and work with these unique Appe-Types is key to leadership and follower-ship.   At Hulings and Associates we work with you to discover yours and their unique Appe-Type.